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McNabb, J., Week 5

Hey all! welcome back to my blog for my final post of the term! This week we took a day trip to New York City. While, there we stopped at the Big Spaceship advertisement agency.

This place was laid back work environment that seemed like a very comfortable space for operation. With that being said, the Big Spaceship is no joke. They are very good at what they do. The Big Spaceship operates under a business model that intertwines many different divisions in a cohesive fashion ranging from stats and analytics to a creative branch. This well oiled machine of an organization taught us so much about the advertisement industry today while backing it up with experiences such as marketing the Olympics along with many other campaigns for big name stars and companies. Everything was so interesting and the presentation they gave was phenomenal

Thank you for checking my blog! This Course was a blast!

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Cocca, S., Week 5

This week we had an amazing adventure in NYC. Our first stop was at Big Spaceship, an ad agency in the DUMBO section of Brooklyn. Here we got to meet several people who work in various parts of the advertising industry. They shared their experiences and roles in the company, as well as review the different companies that they do work for. The company had a very inclusive and open corporate culture that was very much team based. While in the city we met with Glenys, data analyst for Ai Advertising and an alumnus of Elmira College, for lunch. We got the opportunity to speak to her one on one and network. She also took the time to present a day of her life at an ad agency and the career path she took to reach data analytics. We finished our trip with a visit to Artistix, a fashion house operated by Andy Hilfiger. If you didn't get the connection, Andy Hilfiger is the brother of Tommy Hilfiger. We got to see how they design their clothes and got some inside into how the fashion community advertises their clothing to distributers. It is fairly simple, their main form of advertising is to host a fashion show so that buyers can get an idea of what they like and will place orders based on what they think will sell well in their stores.

Isaacs, M., Week 5

Welcome back for my last and final blog post! This week was full of stops in New York City!

Our first stop was an advertising agency called Big Spaceship. Being a smaller company, the proved that this job was a community built on passion. This company is on the smaller end and what stood out to me was they all saw what they did as a passion. This company is not built on the sole idea of just being successful, but rather it is built on culture. The founder is around with an office in the center of the building to always be their for his company. While they do have specific departments, each department overlaps working side by side with each other in order to produce the best possible work they can. Through collaboration, they can see all sides of the client they are working with which aids in their success. The cases they showed us put it all into perspective.

Next we met with Glenys Salas, an Elmira College alumni. Working in digital marketing, she shared her experiences after college. She started by introducing trends with marketing in todays world. The trend I had was "marking to working women". She went on to discuss what it is she does, ending by sharing tips she has learned as essential. She emphasized that experience is key in this industry and is important to decipher what it is you really want to do.

Our last stop in New York City was to see Andy Hilfiger, which I found to be a truly inspirational experience. Andy shared his story with us and how he came to be, but more importantly he showed how things are not always going to be easy or go how we plan them to. The takeaway from this is remembering to learn from such mistakes, which guide his business today. It was exciting for him to show us his new fall line as well as the collaboration that is going into it, all guided through his interests. He discussed how it is important to learn what it is the market truly wants and discusses what guides his decision for his brands.

Thank you for tuning into my blog these past five weeks! Special shoutout to Professor Wolfe for making these amazing opportunities happen!

Tracey, P., Week 5

For our fifth and final week of class we went on the longest but most adventurous field trip yet. At 5 am we set off to New York City to visit a marketing firm, eat lunch with a women who went to Elmira and now works at a marketing firm, and finally we met with fashion designer Andy Hilfiger. This week was entertaining for me, as I do not like the city it was fun to explore and view all the great business sites. The only event that would of made this better was visiting Trump Tower.

First we went to Big Spaceship, a marketing firm in Brooklyn. We learned an "nontraditional practice" they used. For example they had three dogs in the work area, something I personally wouldn't approve of. The learning experience was great, we learned how they operate and how they use digital technology to create advertisements.

Big Spaceship

Next we sat down, ate lunch with an Elmira College alumni. It was a great lunch and dessert as well as learning about digital media and how companies use it. We were explained to how marketing companies use digital media to better understand demographics and to understand what target market to appeal to.

The end of our field concluded with meeting famous fashion designer Andy Hilfiger. Meeting a celebrity was entertaining but even better was learning the fashion industry. Personally I am not interested in the fashion industry but understanding the business behind it, inventory, shipping, etc. was fascinating to hear.

Andy Hilfiger 

Collins, A., Week 5

Welcome Back!

I was so sad this was the last week of class but it was filled with fun endevors including a trip to New York City. We got to see different attractions in city that covered different areas of media and entertainment. Take a look below to see the amazing places we got to see

Big Spaceship, Dumbo, Brooklyn

Our first stop was to Big Spaceship in the Dumbo district of Brooklyn. They are an advertising agency who work on really cool projects for their clients. For example, they did a project on Youtube which worked with different types of video. I enjoyed hearing about their projects and the different departments in their company. The cool part about their departments are that their employees are not tied to specific departments. They all overlap and work collaboratively to ensure top innovation.

Glenys Flaitz

We enjoyed a delicious lunch while we met with Elmira College alumna Glenys Flaitz who works for Ai Media Group in the city. She gave us a very detailed insight into the latest trends in media and content marketing. The latest trend in content marketing is seeing the sites consumers are viewing and using those sites in the advertising they see on other pages they visit. For example, if I view the Elmira College website, then go visit a news website, I will most likely see an ad for Elmira College on the news site. The hottest trend in media marketing is the uprise in Instagram. Companies are now using Instagram to promote their products and services which is reaching the younger consumers.

Andy Hilfiger

We had the wonderful pleasure of meeting Elmira native designer Andy Hilfiger at his studio in Midtown. He showed us the collection he is working on and talked about the methods he uses to market his clothes. It was interesting to hear about how they slowly distribute collections and then send more as the popularity increases. I also loved seeing his recently designed dresses and really wanting to try them on.

Gardner, W., Week 5

The experiences I had in the course are some that I will never forget, and as the course has come to a close, I cannot think of any other way I would have liked to spend this term. This final week was filled with the last few facilitators, a trip to New York City, and our presentations on our case studies. 

The facilitators this week did a great job wrapping up the books we had been reading throughout the term, which I am glad we read because they were good reads with lots of information and input on the entertainment, media, and sports industries. 

Tuesday's trip to NYC was filled with a variety of great experiences with Big Spaceship in the Bronx, Glenys Flaitz of Ai Media Group, and Andy Hilfiger of Artistix Fashion. Despite the long bus ride, the day was very exciting and enjoyable as it was my first time visiting NYC. Big Spaceship was my first look inside a small-size ad agency and I really enjoyed the atmosphere of the workplace and the variety of clients they work with. Glenys Flaitz gave us a wonderful presentation over lunch and was very informative regarding currents trends in the entertainment industry. Meeting Andy Hilfiger was fantastic and I really enjoyed the work he showed us as well as the information he provided us with regarding the fashion industry and how it is a huge part of the entertainment, media, and sports industries with celebrities, musicians, and athletes collaborating with clothing companies. 

I really enjoyed the case study I worked on which was about Warner Brothers and Harry Potter as this is a topic I was very interested in. This case allowed for everything we had been reading about and learning this term to come full-circle as it was being applied to the case. This course has further opened my eyes about these industries and provided me with a variety of looks behind-the-scenes, giving me much to think about as I begin looking at a career path in the world of marketing. 

I would like to thank Professor Wolfe for providing us with the opportunity to go on these trips and allowing us to learn through the variety of great experiences we had. It was truly an unforgettable term that I wish I could repeat all over again. 

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Sponable, M., Week 5


During our trip to New York City, we met representatives of Big Spaceship and Andy Hilfiger himself! This was my favorite experiential leaning of the term.

Image result for oikos be unstoppable youBig Spaceship was an incredible experience. We viewed several of their case studies and projects. It was refreshing to see their creative environment surrounded by inspiration and hardworking team members. Their facility was the manifestation of transparency. With walls of glass and an approachable staff (including the founder and CEO) everyone can support one another. It was great having the opportunity to ask them questions about their work, environment, and responsibilities.

Image result for andy hilfiger artistix                                                                              Andy Hilfiger was kind enough to take time to invite us to his studio and show us his creative space. A new line he is working on is called Artistix, inspired by the paintings to the left. These works of art inspired the Harvest collection. Mr. Hilfiger gave us insight to the fashion industry and expired the different stages of the creative process. From inspiration to an idea board, to selecting the top ideas. From there creating samples, holding a fashion show, and then sending the best of the best to be mass produced.

In both advertising and fashion, companies must know their target market and how to set themselves apart. It is key to be able to find where a brand's deficit is and gather information as to why that area is not producing intended results. From there, companies can create a campaign to appeal to that audience. Whether that action is bring together painting and fashion, or yogurt and snack time, it is important to measure both success and where to improve.

This week we also did case studies. My group's study was on Harry Potter and The Deathly Hollows Part Two's release date. Our given problem was whether to keep the current date and going head to head with several competing films, or to change the date and develop marketing strategies accordingly. We chose to release the weekend prior to Halloween and to build off the holiday's hype. Our marking strategies included merchandising, costume competitions, and utilizing Warner
Bros. connections.

McNabb, J., Week 5 Hey all! welcome back to my blog for my final post of the term! This week we took a day trip to New York City. While, t...